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The Company

Nelson Education Ltd. is Canada’s leading educational Publisher providing innovative products and solutions for learners of all ages. Nelson values and respects the lifelong learning continuum and dedicates its business efforts to the diverse learning needs of students and educators alike.

About Edwin

Edwin is a digital Learning Ecosystem built to ensure all students have equitable access to high quality learning resources. Edwin is delivered on a Dell 2-in-1 Chromebook and contains a rich ecosystem of digital resources tied to provincial curriculum. Edwin is a tool that supports students and teachers in transforming traditional classrooms into 21st century teaching and learning environments.  Key to Edwin is the device itself. Each student will have access to their own device 24 hours a day from the first day of class to the last day of the school year. The Edwin application runs in both online and offline environments, ensuring consistent access to learning resources despite varying access to Wi-Fi bandwidth. This evolving application, built upon feedback from students and teachers, is personalized to suit the needs and interests of each learner.  Work, study, and communication tools are all housed within this ecosystem, facilitating ease of use for all users and visibility throughout the system for school administration. Visit www.edwin.nelson.com to learn more.

About our Professional Learning Program

The Edwin Professional Learning program ensures educators and administrators with varied skill levels and competency will successfully implement Edwin devices and the Edwin learning ecosystem into their classrooms. Starting with On-Site, Face-to-Face Professional Learning educators and administrators will receive a thorough introduction to Edwin by our Edwin Classroom Success Facilitators. Educators are provided critical best practices to confidently move from paper-based teaching and learning methodology to digital, device and learning ecosystem enhanced teaching and learning environments. Face-to-Face training is supported by ongoing Edwin Classroom Consultations accessed throughout the year. Consultations are facilitated by our Edwin Classroom Success Facilitators and address specific topics including Edwin Technology Enhanced Learning Environments, Learning Ecosystem lesson planning, integration of our partner applications, classroom implementation techniques, Google Apps for Education training and more. Edwin educators and administrators may also wish to access the Edwin Professional Learning Community Site to access extended resources such as curriculum support documents, partner application reference materials, sample lesson plans and video tutorials. Visit www.edwinplc.com to learn more.

The Position

Nelson is seeking highly organized individuals for the position of Edwin Classroom Success Team Facilitator. Edwin Classroom Success Team Facilitators are Provincially Certified Educators with professional development experience responsible for delivering on-site and online professional learning services to other educators and board administrators. Edwin Classroom Success TeamFacilitators have experience in adult training. They work directly with educators embedding enhanced digital learning experiences into their 1:1 (device:student) classrooms. Edwin Classroom Success TeamFacilitators will help educators nurture creativity and curiosity in their students through search and discovery learning methodology. They are driven to develop educator capacity by providing a professional learning experience that embeds Edwin into everyday practice. Edwin Classroom Success TeamFacilitators may also provide online training throughout the year on topics such as classroom implementation techniques, integrated lesson planning, Google, Microsoft and other integrated platform tips and tricks.

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